Weekend in Winnipeg 

This weekend I flew to Winnipeg to visit my best friend of thirteen years! She came to visit us at Christmas for a few days so I promised to return the favour, (especially since flights are cheap right now; thank you, New Leaf!)

I am by no means the most frugal person in Canada. I won’t have a TLC special anytime soon, but these are some of the things I did to have a modest trip to Manitoba 🙂

The Airport 

  • I only packed a carry on/backpack. I know this can be difficult for some people, especially if you’re going for a week or longer. However, baggage fees have become outrageous in Canada and if you can manage with just a carry on, that’s around $40 saved!
  • I brought an empty reusable water bottle to fill up once past security.
  • I’ve also heard of people bringing an empty thermos with teabags (or coffee), and then just getting hot water once you’re past security 🙂
  • Packed an absurd amount of snacks. Flight delays and travel hiccups can happen to anyone.
  • Also, don’t forget to check in online once you have the opportunity to, to ensure you get a seat on your flight.
  • Brought an absurd amount of entertainment; podcasts, music playlists, an empty notebook, a book or whatever pleases your heart 🙂

Also, while on vacation, CASH IS KING. 

It makes it easier to not go over budget when you have to visualize your money disappearing from your wallet 😉


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