Impossible List

When I started my first corporate job at 19, I was less than shy. I was working in administration and because I was required to deliver files, I took that opportunity to talk to everyone and anyone: “How did you get your job? How can I get your job? And what are your long term goals?”… You’d be amazed how fast the conversation would end when I’d ask people what their long term goals were.
Are you vying for a management position? Do you want to coach your kids’ soccer team? 
Nope. I got silence and dirty looks so frequently that I had to stop asking people. People get comfortable, and that’s completely fine, (as long as you’re happy), but when I became a mom it got a lot worse.
“I work 168 hours a week, I don’t have time.”
I’m not by any means saying that it’s easy, being a mom and a partner requires a lot of effort and a lot of time. But for me personally, it’s important to have goals and to constantly working towards something. I can’t take credit for The Impossible List, I found the idea through Thomas Frank, but the main idea is because you are always changing and evolving as a person, your goals should be evolving and changing as well. Bucketlists tend to be accompanied by the phrase, “before I die, I want to…”, but The Impossible List means now. Or at the very least, the small daily habits you do in order to start moving in that direction.
Therefore, I present, my Impossible List.
I hope it inspires you to think of your goals and dreams.
Last 5 Completed Goals 
Fitness/Health Goals
  • Run a 5K
  • Run a 10K
  • Run a half marathon
  • Run a full marathon
  • Complete a duathlon
  • Complete a triathlon
  • Complete a Tough Mudder
  • Do 100 push-ups in a single set
  • Complete 5 pull-ups in a single set
  • Participate in a snowshoe race
  • Teach a spin class
Professional Goals
  • Get 1,000 blog visits, all time
  • Launch a regular YouTube show and release 10 videos
  • Gain 250 YouTube subscribers
  • Create an actual fireworks company (with business license, liability insurance, etc.)
    • Perform our first fireworks show
    • Perform Canada Day fireworks
  • Make $5,000 gross in a month
    • Make $7,500 gross in a month
    • Make $10,000 gross in a month
  • Pay off all of my student loans
Creative Goals
  • Become competent in caligraphy
  • Find my signature dish
Habit Goals
  • Do a morning workout 100 days in a row
  • Read 25 pages a day for three months in a row
Skill Goals
  • Become fluent in French
  • Complete First Aid
    • Complete Wilderness First Aid
  • Obtain my Display Fireworks License
    • Obtain my pyrotechnics license
Travel Goals
  • Visit all 13 provinces and territories [7/13]
  • Visit France
  • Visit Germany
  • Visit Greece
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit Japan
  • Visit Switzerland
Life Goals
  • Complete an undergraduate degree
  • Be self sufficient and location-independent
Read 1000 books
  • (In progress – 7/1000)